Personalised Vehicle Fleet Management Solutions for Your Business

From single vehicles to large fleets, trust XO Fleet to ensure your vehicles are professionally managed and maintained with top-class service every time.

Efficient and hassle-free Fleet Management with XO Fleet

XO Fleet provides efficient and hassle-free fleet management services to help businesses streamline operations and reduce costs. Our expert team and advanced technologies handle all aspects of fleet management, from procurement to maintenance and accident management. We work with a network of suppliers nationwide to provide discounted services, and offer additional options for optimising fleet performance. XO Fleet allows businesses to focus on core activities while their fleet is in safe hands.

What we offer

Customise Your Fleet Management Package with XO Fleet: Discounts, 24/7 Support, Insurance, and More

Discounts on servicing & maintenance costs
24hr Helpline
Accident management
Breakdown Assist
Discounted fuel card
Duty of care
Fleet insurance
Glass and windscreen
Grey Fleet
Telematics & tracking
Tyres & punctures
Vehicle wrapping/sign writing
Vehicle hire
Warranty claim bookings

Benefits of our Fleet Management services

XO Fleet’s Fleet Management services provide numerous benefits to businesses, including:

Cost Savings

Fleet management services can help businesses save money on fuel costs, vehicle maintenance and repair, insurance premiums, and more.

Increased Efficiency

With advanced technologies and streamlined processes, fleet management services can help businesses improve their fleet’s performance, reduce downtime, and enhance productivity.

Improved Safety

Fleet management services can help businesses ensure their vehicles are well-maintained and meet safety standards, reducing the risk of accidents and liability.

Enhanced Compliance

With fleet management services, businesses can stay on top of regulations and compliance requirements, reducing the risk of fines and penalties.

Experience Optimum Fleet Management today

Unlock the potential of your fleet: Experience the benefits of optimum fleet management today with XO Fleet