Peace of mind with XO Fleet’s Servicing, Maintenance & Repair services

With XO Fleet’s Servicing, Maintenance & Repair services, our clients can enjoy peace of mind knowing that their vehicles will be well-maintained, serviced regularly, and any repairs needed will be carried out promptly and efficiently, helping to reduce the risk of breakdowns and keeping the vehicle in good condition.

Efficient fleet maintenance and repair services to keep your business moving

XO Fleet understands that when your fleet vehicles are not in operation, it results in loss of time and revenue for your business. That’s why we are dedicated to providing prompt servicing, maintenance, and repairs to get your vehicles back on the road quickly without compromising on quality or safety. Our customised repair and maintenance programs are designed to meet your specific needs and are carried out by our network of garages and mobile technicians located nationwide.

From cars and LCVs to EVs, our comprehensive services cover all types and sizes of fleets.

WHat we offer

Comprehensive coverage: What’s included in the guaranteed maintenance contract for your vehicle’s service

Engine oil checks/replacement
Brake pads and discs
Fuel, oil, air and pollen filters
Spark plugs
Topping up Adblue
Checking and topping up vehicle fluids
General servicing vehicle checks
Resetting the service light

One SMR Programme to conveniently provide you with everything you need.

XO Fleet provides efficient and comprehensive Servicing, Maintenance & Repair services for your fleets needs.

Consistent Quality

At any XO Fleet approved garage across the UK, expect work done to consistently high standards to get your vehicles back on the road.

Fast Response

No need to wait for urgent repairs. Some of our garages work around the clock, and with shift working, we have the capacity to get your vehicles repaired fast. Repair time can take as little as only a few hours.

Guaranteed Quality

All XO Fleet approved garages are equipped with the latest technology and tools. The work is done by certified technicians following OEM standards.

Convenient Service

No need for multiple visits or vendors. We can handle everything from service to repair needs in one appointment, as required.

Flexible Solutions

We understand it’s not always easy to get your vehicles to a garage. Our mobile technicians will come to you, providing flexibility to ensure your vehicles get the maintenance and repairs they need.

Experience Optimum Fleet Management today

Unlock the potential of your fleet: Experience the benefits of optimum fleet management today with XO Fleet